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Adrenalin 7300 BC / Adrenalin 7150 BC

                                              7300 BC

        Adrenalin BC 7000…only the best deserves to be           saLtwater resistant
        named Adrenalin!                                                                    NEU  •  NEW
                                                                                           •   N O U V EAU   •
        2 new baitcast reels which, in terms of quality, gear and materials, range
        at the very top.  We have paid great attention to making the reels as light
        as possible. In this case the housing has is made of extra light-weight
        macro molecular material and the crank of High Modulus Carbon.
        7 rust-free stainless steel bearings – 2 of which are from Japan – ensure
        that they run incredibly smoothly. The carbon drag discs bring it up to 3
        or rather 8 kg drag force!
        With the aid of the high-quality magnet drag it is possible to adjust the
        dropping resistor extremely accurately.
        Both reels are very easy to maintain. The side part of the housing can be
        removed in a jiffy, allowing grease and oil to be supplied to the gear.                Left-handed-ModeL
        A small bottle of reel oil is included in the scope of supply.
        The bc 1500 is excellent for vertical fishing and is suitable for light to
        medium spin fishing.
        The bc 3000 is a real powerhouse and was developed for heavy artificial
        bait fishing with floating baits. Owing to the fact that it is resistant to
        saltwater it is absolutely excellent for lightweight to medium angling for
        cod and saithe etc.
        Johnny Release (Team Leader balzer/owner pro staff Team):
        “In my capacity as a guide I am on the water almost every day and strain
        my tackle to the utmost. Using my favourite method – fishing with big
        swimbaits – until now sooner or later I have destroyed almost all reels. I
        have been using the Adrenalin BC 7300 for a year now and it is still
        working as it did on the very first day.  A fantastic reel which I can rec-
        ommend most warmly! “
        carsten Müller (predator fish guide on edersee/
        “I mainly fish vertically with my guests as well as casting from the boat
        with smaller artificial baits. I have been testing the Adrenalin BC 7150 for
        Balzer for a year now. It is really an excellent reel, absolutely no signs of
        malfunction, nothing at all to complain about. I own distinctly more ex-
        pensive reels from other manufacturers with which the Adrenalin is on a
        par. Definitely a good purchase!

          AdReNALIN 7300 bc
         Item- order- Line capacity w.  gear   spare spool
          No.  No.  m Ø mm  g  ratio           aluminium
         104290 /730  310  0.25  255  5.4 : 1  194290/730

                                                                                             saLtwater resistant

                                              7150 BC

          AdReNALIN 7150 bc
         Item- order- Line capacity w.  gear   spare spool
          No.  No.  m Ø mm  g  ratio           aluminium
         104290 /715  280  0.20  175  6.5 : 1  194290/715

                                           Each reel is supplied   NEU  •  NEW                Left-handed-ModeL
                                           with 1 tube of reel oil.  •   N O U V EAU   •

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