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Tidec Surf 8700 SC

        Tidec 8700 SC: the long-distance casting machine!
        A long-distance reel par excellence: ideal for surf and carp angling! The   NEU  •  NEW
        special worm-shaft gear with an extra-slow stroke guarantees extremely   •   N O U V EAU   •
        long casts, and a crosswise, optimised line lay. Even the thinnest wet brai-
        ded lines do not cut in!
        The CNC, mill-cut aluminium crank can be screwed firmly into the corpus
        and thus has no backlash.
        There is a special rim underneath the spool (anti-tangle guide) which pre-
        vents the line from becoming entangled in the rotor!
        It goes without saying that the ball bearings and main axle are made
        from high-class stainless steel.

        Lazy Rotor System: fixes the rotor
        when the bail is folded, preventing
        it from twisting before or during

                                                                   saLtwater resistant

        Line Guard                  The reel is equipped with the rub-
                                    ber-buffered and spring-loaded
                                    Safety Line Clip.

        • 7 precision ball bearings plus 1 needle bearing
        • Quick-Stop-System (Q.S.S.) for stopping rotor instantaneously
        • Reinforced main axle made of stainless steel
        • Finely adjustable front drag (S.D.S) with extra large brake discs
        • Chrome-plated brass worm shaft gear for a super long strike and
          crosswise line lay: ideal for braided line
        • Strong-Bail-Concept, bail made of strong, lightweight aluminium
        • Anti-Swing-System (A.S.S.) for optimum smooth running
        • Anti-Twist line rollers
        • Aluminium long distance casting spool
        • Nylon/ABS spare spool
        • Optional left or right-handed operation
        • CNC mill-cut aluminium Power crank

          TIdec suRF 8700 sc
         Item- order-  Line capacity weight  gear  spare spool
          No.  No.  m Ø mm  g    ratio          Aluminium
         103270  /870  415  0.35  625  4.1 : 1  193270/870

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