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Adrenalin multiplier reels                                                                                              Adrenalin multiplier reels

                                                             guished by an extremely low  weight yet is extremely resilient.   vice life.
                                                             ForM                                                              A locking device secures the free-run mechanism and the drag to prevent
                                                             The extra-narrow form of the housing and spool facilitates very even line   inadvertent activation of the former or blocking of the latter.
                                                             lay, even if the line is brought in fast; and it also prevents the line from
                                                             knotting. Nevertheless the reels have sufficient line capacity!   bALL bEArINgS
                                                                                                                               All reels are equipped with 7 Japanese, double-sealed ball bearings and
                                                             SurFAcE TrEATMENT                                                 one needle bearing, also made in Japan. The needle bearing (infinite re-
                                                             The entire housing is anodised and provides excellent protection against   turn stop) ensures that the reels are absolutely free from backlash.  Carbon drag   Lever-shift drag  Power gear made of
       ADRENALIN  - Superlative multiple reels!              aggressive saltwater.                                                                                                    washers                              stainless steel
       Our Adrenalin reels boast more powerful gears and power crank handles   gEAr                                            The cranks are now made of special aircraft aluminium and the handle is
       made from aluminium. Like the previous series, these reels will also con-  The whole gear is made from non-corrosive stainless steel. This also ap-  extra long to guarantee even more convenient line winding.
       tinue to be produced in Taiwan not in China in order to guarantee the   plies to every single screw or spring.
       high quality standard. All components of these reels comes exclusively                                                  FrEE-ruN
       from Japan, the US or Taiwan.                         LEvEr-ShIFT drAg                                                  There are arguably only a few reels with such a sensationally smooth
                                                             This infinitely adjustable carbon / stainless steel drag system, which works   free-run function.
       FEATURES:                                             brilliantly, is impressive owing to a jerk-free, even drag action – both at
                                                             40 degrees on the Ebro and at minus temperatures on the Lofoten.  rIghT / LEFT-hANd
       houSINg                                                                                                                 Some Adrenalin models are available both in a right and a left-hand  version.  Ball bearing mounted   Pin for easy and   Tool kit, supplies
       The one-part housings are made from a block of 6061-T6 aluminium.   The drag disks made from hardened carbon are manufactured in the                                           power handle made   safe line fixing  and reel oil
       This type of aluminium is also used in aircraft construction; it is distin-  United States and are unbeatable with regard to the drag action and ser-  All reels are supplied with tool kit, supplies and a small bottle of oil.  of aluminium

       Adrenalin AN 10 LH                                                                                                      Adrenalin TS-12 LH

       Small, but oh boy! Don't be misled by the delicate size. All of 22 LBS drag                                             Size 12 is now available with an energy-saving 2-speed gear. The high
       capacity can make even very strong opponents look old. They are used                                                    gear has a high-speed transmission of 6.2:1  and permits extremely fast
       with light to medium-weight artificial bait and natural bait fish for cod,                                              line winding. The lower, 3.9:1 gear is switched on for playing big fish or
       saithe, pollock etc. However, it is also very good for trawling in both fresh                                           bringing in heavy assemblies with hooked fish and saves your strength.
       water and saltwater.
       Fast line retraction thanks to the 5.2:1 transmission.
        AdrENALIN AN 10 Lh
       Item- order-  Model Line capacity  Drag  weight  gear
        No.  No.      m Ø mm   power   g   ratio
       107100 /010  LH  460  0.20  22 lbs/10 kg  430  5.2 : 1                                                                                    Adrenalin-TS 12 with powerful
                                                                                                                                                 2-speed gear to save strength

                                                                                                                                 AdrENALIN TS-12 Lh
                                                                                                                                Item- order-  Model Line capacity  Drag  weight  gear
                                                                                                                                 No.  No.     m Ø mm   power   g    ratio
                                                                                                                               107120 /212  LH  480  0.25  26 lbs/12 kg  610  6.2 : 1/3.9 :1

       Adrenalin AN 12 LH
                                                                                                                               Adrenalin TS-14 LH
       A real allrounder for Norway! With this reel you are excellently equipped
       for any situation. The strong 26.5 lbs drag performance outfights even                                                  Our strongest Adrenalin, also with a 2-speed gear.
       the biggest fish. The high 5.8:1 transmission facilitates fast line winding.
                                                                                                                               Size 14 is ideal for fishing with natural bait at great depths for ling, ocean
                                                                                                                               perch etc. where a greater line capacity is needed, and for hunting for the
                                                                                                                               really big ones! The reel weighs only 710g and thus provides wonderful
        AdrENALIN AN 12 Lh                                                                                                     handling. With its gigantic 30-pound drag capacity this reel can stand up
       Item- order-  Model Line capacity  Drag  weight  gear                                                                   to even the biggest flounders and lings.
        No.  No.      m Ø mm   power   g   ratio                                                                               Ultra fast line winding in 1st gear thanks to the 6.2:1 high speed trans-
       107120 /012  LH  480  0.25  26 lbs/12 kg  600  5.8 : 1                                                                  mission and strength-saving 3.9:1 in 2nd gear.

                                                           * for the predecessor reel
       ThE prEdEcESSor rEEL wAS TESTEd IN bLINkEr 04/2010
       Features:             Practical test:

                                                                                                                                                 Adrenalin-TS 14 with powerful
                                                                                                                                                 2-speed gear to save strength

       The Blinker quality seal is only awarded to high quality tackle that is                                                   AdrENALIN TS-14 Lh
       achieved at least 13 (of 15 possible) points on the test scale.                                                          Item- order-  Model Line capacity  Drag  weight  gear
                                                                                                                                 No.  No.     m Ø mm   power   g    ratio
                                                                                                                               107140 /014  LH  650  0.30  33 lbs/15 kg  710  6.2 : 1/3.9 :1

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