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BALZER Teams / Product development / Events

 The BALZER TEAMS – The guarantee for tried and tested successful products!  PRO STAFF TEAM

 Experience, spirit, purposeful preparation and perfect equipment are the   the advice of our experts. They help us with the Design, with the choice
 most important components for success. All these characteristics our   of materials and functionality and test all innovations under hardest con-
 BALZER teams distinguishes and we use this wealth of experience and   ditions.

 Specialist know-how pays off, targeted fishing for better catches!

        timo Seufert: The nature lover and the predator   max Docken: Our expert for fly- and spin fishing   matthias melchior: Our crack in the spin fishing
        all-rounder loves the fishing with articial baits.   and additionally our Community Manager of our   team. Some perches in the size 50+ are belonging
        Whether large rivers such as the Rhine or Main,   facebook site and also website admin and photo-  to his personal best. Also a catfish maniac.
        smaller rivers, streams or lakes. At home, he feels   grapher.
        wherever water is nearby

 Balzer Sea fishing team: Bernd Baye,  Danny   Steffen Dietze: Guide and fishing tour operator   marcus Dietze: As Guide in Steffen Dietz´s
 Schimanski, Andreas Schwei tzer, Alexander   (Guided Fishing Tours): he knows how to fish in   camp he is also testing in many months in the
 Moltrecht.  Norway as no one else. Many months in the   year our new products and optimize the exis-
 year he is testing our new products and optimi-  ting program.
 ze the existing program.

 mAtCH-, FEEDER FISHING  John Chowns: As a Balzer Pro Staffer and owner   Rick Visser: Our new Dutch Pro Staffer. A real   Jacqueline milz: Jacky has been fishing since her
        of his guiding company he runs countless anglers   professional Predator hunter for the big one  childhood, initially with her father and today
        to the big predators every year, whether in NRW                          with her equally enthusiastic friend, most of all,
        or the Netherlands on guiding trips from the bank                        of course, on predatory fish.
        or boat.  If you are interested, please contact

        tROut AttACK tEAm                                                        ADRENALIN C@t tEAm

 michael Zammataro: The unrivalled number 1 in   Julian Feuerlein: German team champion, run-  Willi Frosch: Former member of the German na-
 feeder fishing. With his 10-man team he has   ner-up in the individual, winner of all important   tional team. Apart from fishing for non-predator
 collected almost every title to be had in national   German feeder events.  fish, one of his specialities is sbirolino fishing.
 and international competitions.  Member of the German National Team.
        Olaf Kaufmann (above), Andre Schaffrina (right): Our two PRO STAFF specimen for ultra-light   ADRENALIN C@t tEAm: Our developers of the
 COARSE FISHING / CARP FISHING  fishing for trout with spoons, rubber baits and so on.  Adrenalin C@T Catfish range who fish the
                                                                                 whole year for catfish in Europe are having per-
         CARP FISHING, ALLROuND FISHING                                          manent contact to the catfish scene to spot the
                                                                                 latest trends.

 above: Freshwater team; below: Team Austria

 michael Komuczki:  One of the top  carp and   Walter mayer: a top All-rounder and carp hun-
 non-predator fishing professionals in Austria.   ter.
 Author of books and a film producer.
         matze Koch:  Without a doubt one of the most   matze Koch: Matze advises us also in matters  of
         popular and successful anglers in Germany. He   predator fishing. His rods, reels and his hardbaits
         has given the company Top Secret his secret boilie   inspires many fishermen.
         and food receipts to produce them exclusively
         in best quality for us! And now he has also his
         own reels, rod series and artificial baits.
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